PureCount PureCount PureCount

Inventory Counting

  • Maximum count efficiency
  • Accurate information & reporting
  • Minimal impact on operations

Warehouse Inventory

  • Hand-written alpha-numeric part numbers not a problem
  • No dependence on system-generated count sheets

Retail Price Verification

  • Identify mispriced, mislabelled, misplaced, and missing products
  • Data cleanup

Fixed Asset Tracking

  • Identify, count, and track fixed assets
  • Barcoding and tracking
  • Photo documentation

Welcome to PureCount Inc.

PureCount Inc.

You outsource cleaning work, security monitoring services and payroll. So why are you still counting your own inventory?

PureCount Inc. is an inventory company headquartered in Vancouver, in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

We are experts in inventory service and have perfected a process to count your inventory or parts in a fraction of the time and with verifiable accuracy. Our goal is to help you to run your business more efficiently, increase the quality and usefulness of your internal reports, and to satisfy the requirements of any identified third parties.

If you are doing any of the following when counting inventory or parts - YOU NEED TO CALL PureCount:

  • Closing your business or halting operations to conduct a physical inventory
  • Using system-generated count sheets to count inventory or parts
  • Using two-person count teams
  • Counting on statutory holidays
  • Periodically renting inventory counting equipment to conduct your count
  • Tasking employees that lack sufficient training to conduct an accurate and efficient count
  • Performing estimates of inventory rather than an inventory count
  • Counting inventory only once per year - because you lack an efficient and cost-effective solution to do any cycle counting throughout the year

Key benefits of working with PureCount

  • Minimize disruptions on the business
  • Eliminate opportunity costs, including operational employees performing administrative tasks
  • Independent reporting for third parties, such as lenders, accountants, auditors and insurance companies
  • Superior accuracy and quality of information
  • Systematic errors present in other inventory counting methods are eliminated
  • Employee theft and manipulation is difficult to conceal
  • Employee morale is not eroded by having them work excessive hours on "boring" tasks
  • Overtime hours are minimized / eliminated