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PureCount’s intuitive software makes inventory counting fast, accurate, and more affordable than ever before. Our inventory counting solution is available on any device — no custom hardware, no hired labour, no disruptions.

The most cost-effective option Turnkey solution

Our intuitive software makes it easy for the people on the ground to count inventory and share it in real time with your team and stakeholders. PureCount uses secure integrations, voice recognition technology, and variance analysis to create reports that can be analyzed from anywhere in the world.

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All your counting needs Intuitive, integrated software


Our software is up to 95% faster than other inventory counting methods. Download and count right away without having to change your business processes.


We use secure API-integrations to transfer data to your standard accounting and ERP systems, without sharing proprietary data with inventory counters.


All inputs are double-verified using variance analysis and a full audit trail to produce the most accurate reporting available today.


Make everyone an inventory professional. Our software uses voice recognition technology in multiple languages for your team to count inventory.


With real-time reporting, your counts can be managed and audited on-site or remotely. Run simultaneous counts in an unlimited number of locations.


PureCount’s inventory data reports can be used for more than just compliance requirements. Streamline your inventory and improve your business.

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Partnered inventory count

You provide the people, we provide the equipment, supervision, and expertise.

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Full service inventory count

We do the full count by providing the people, equipment, supervision, and expertise.

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